Gary & Marianne Dyogi

Gary and Marianne Dyogi are the co-founders of Arbor Family Village and are committed to raising their five children within a vibrant faith community, enriched by the Gospel teachings of Jesus and His Church. They have served together in various ministries, collectively coming with experience in Alpha, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Encounter School of Ministry, Marriage Enrichment retreats, natural family planning, and chastity talks to youth and young adults.

As a Catholic school teacher for almost 20 years and Creighton Model Fertility Practitioner for 15 years, Marianne has seen the joys and struggles of many families and witnessed the need for ongoing support for the domestic church. Her own challenges with autoimmune illness have served as inspiration for a wholistic approach to physical and emotional health with an integrated spirituality.

With a treasure trove of wisdom gained from lived experience, Gary has offered generous mentorship to young men seeking guidance in the vocation of marriage and fatherhood. His own story provides an inspirational example of perseverance, radical surrender, and complete trust in God’s plan no matter the crosses we carry and struggles we have to face.

The Dyogi family gratefully answers the call to journey with other families towards restoration and healing through the beautiful dynamic of Arbor Family Village. While still serving at their parish St. Anthony of Padua in Gardena, CA, the Dyogis—alongside the growing community of Arbor families currently spanning three dioceses—are committed to supporting and forming disciples of all ages to boldly pursue holiness within the home and to give faithful witness through their daily lives, fueled by the same Holy Spirit who empowered the families of saints from generations past.

Our Story

In 2018, Marianne found herself overwhelmed with responsibility, traveling to multiple sites to serve clients in various fields of work. Battling lupus since she was officially diagnosed in 2003, and more recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis since 2016, she did not know how much longer she could maintain this pace. Marianne’s husband, Gary, posed the idea of having one location from which she could serve out of: a wellness center, specifically. Her ears perked up at this suggestion; she had always dreamed of creating a space where people could come and find healing in many different areas of their lives.

Marianne saw the void of resource awareness within the Catholic community when she was approached time and again with questions about faith formation, marriage and parenting, emotional and physical health, and finances. Very few people knew where to go to find the help they needed, and Marianne felt it was an injustice for her family to have access to these resources, while almost everyone else she knew had to go hunting for them with no success.

A small community of friends soon joined Gary and Marianne in support of this movement after seeing the fruit of their vocation through monthly home prayer meetings. The Dyogis pulled together a band of enthusiastic volunteer families and young adults who coordinated their first event in June of 2021: The Pulsatio Family Retreat at the Santiago Retreat Center. They were invited by the Santiago staff to host a 4-day Catholic Family Camp later that summer, and continued to spiritually nourish families through quarterly worship and adoration nights at their parish.

Soon they gathered together a Board of Directors composed of faithful lay Catholics committed to the mission and vision of restoring families to wholeness through the work of Arbor Family Village. As Gary and Marianne continue their journey of family life, they find that they still need the Arbor Family Village community and resources as much as anybody else. Every stage of their vocation needs support, and they are grateful to know that they are surrounded by a beautiful network of other faithful Catholics who strive to live a fully integrated life.